Ping Pong

"I’m happy to get behind a great campaign like this. It’s impossible to overstate the benefits of keeping active in later life. It not only keeps body and mind healthy, but it’s an important way of getting out and about, meeting new people and socialising with friends."

Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Health Secretary

The Ping Pong Care Campaign

The Ping Pong Care Campaign is a national health & wellbeing campaign that encourages and promotes active ageing.

Born on the back of Ping Pong, the funny and emotional documentary that follows eight octogenarians, who may be old but still want gold, as they prepare for and compete in the Over 80s World Table Tennis Championships. Watch the trailer here.

Challenging what it means to grow old, the Ping Pong Care Campaign engages the issues of ageing and benefits of active ageing by bringing the film, as motivational starter, and game to older person settings across the country.

Backed by BIG Lottery Reaching Communities programme, the campaign has taken it's active ageing message and resources to older person settings most in need for FREE!

The goal is to give as many older people the chance to see the film, get motivated and make positive changes in their wellbeing. At it's heart it's a simple idea...

Power to the people!  Keeping bodies healthy.

Do you work with older people?  Would you consider them too frail for physical activity?  How do they view themselves?  Meet Ping Pong's Terry…he's suffered several bouts of cancer and a collapsed lung but loves to prove his doctors wrong.  He's one thing on paper, and quite another in real life.

Find out how the Ping Pong Care Campaign is smashing through stereotypes and re-addressing perceptions around just what older people can do!


Where's your head at?  Keeping minds in the game.

Are you concerned for the mental health of your older residents?  Or after activities perfect for people living with dementia? Say hi to Ping Pong's Inge…she felt the onset of dementia following the death of her husband.  After discovering table tennis at her nursing home, you should look at her go.  And dementia?  A thing of the past she says.

See how this low-impact activity can have positive benefits for motor skills and cognitive awareness.


Forget your worries, come on get happy!  Bring community fun.

Hanging out with friends, keeping active, having fun; we do it all the time as teenagers, so why change as we get older? This is Ping Pong's Sun…he's retired, full of energy and doesn't want to sit at home all day. He's encouraged others his age to do the same.

The Ping Pong Care Campaign brings the fun to your local ageing community, helping to combate social isolation and loneliness with ping pong power! So Get Involved.


Roll Up Roll Up, and now for the freebies!

With increasingly limited time and stretched resources, there may be the desire but not always the capacity to deliver something fun and fresh in your community. Don't worry...we've got you covered with FREE resources and special Ping Pong Care Pack!

The Ping Pong Care Pack has everything you'll need. It's perfect for warm-up exercises and gentle activity, through to game play and has something for everyone, regardless of age, ability, or mobility. The pack includes:

The Ping Pong Care Pack


  • Ping Pong DVD: Screen the film as activity starter
  • Rollnet: Turn any table into a Ping Pong table
  • Bats & Balls: There's enough to get play going
  • Tips Video: 10min extra shows you all the basics
  • Ideas Booklet: Simple game ideas to get playing

  • Ping Pong Care Pack Update

    Due to the storming success of the campaign to date, we currently have no more free Ping Pong Care Packs available. However we hope to be back real soon with more packs to give away, so keep watching this space!

    In the meantime, you can still get involved with the Ping Pong Care Campaign and benefit from our other free resources:

  • Using Your Pack: If you have a pack, learn all about what to do here and start inspiring your older community today
  • Sparking Ideas: Check out these amazing examples of how people are using the campaign in their community
  • Get Downloading: We have free 'How-To' guides here on everything from screening the film to warm-up exercises
  • Smashing Stereotypes: Use the campaign to re-address perceptions around just what older people are capable of