Ping Pong

"People's reaction to the film is mixed; some laugh, others are amazed. Everyone is inspired by what can be achieved by older people, despite the health issues portrayed. Almost everyone engaged surprise themselves by what they can do…and by how much fun they have whilst playing! It's an excellent way of engaging with older people and groups."

Earle Jacotine, Ping Pong Volunteer

What To Do, What to do?

First a Ping: Screen the Film

If you have connections with local groups that would enjoy and benefit from seeing Ping Pong, why not host a's a wonderful opportunity to bring your residents, members, staff and wider community together and inspire people to play.

Here’s what you need to do:

A screening doesn't have to be a big thing. You can just have a few people infront of a TV if it has a DVD player. Just wait for the audience reaction!


Then a Pong: Starting to play

Once people have seen the film, be ready to start playing! The best way to get people playing straight away is with the special Ping Pong Care Pack we’ve created...

It's got everything you need to get started, including;

It’s a perfect introduction to ping pong and has something for everyone, regardless of age, ability, and mobility.

How do I get a Ping Pong Care Pack?

The Ping Pong Care Campaign has 2000 free packs for older person settings that fall within our funding remit, or you can buy one today from our shop for just £125.

If you're interested in receiving a pack, get involved!


The Sit and Get Fit Ladies start to play with simple exercises like balancing the ball on the bat, great for hand eye coordination and concentration, at our Exeter Awareness Event


Now Ping your Pong: Get volunteers on board

Don't forget, this campaign rests on community involvement.  Look for local schools to link in with and start some intergenerational activities.


Tim Holtam from Patcham High School volunteers at local sheltered accommodation Elwyn Jones Court. Find out more about our work with schools here. Thanks to local photographer Steven Lawrence for this image


Ping Pong on!

Now you're hooked, here are some great ideas of how to take it further.

We are working closely with the England Table Tennis Association (ETTA) – the governing body and home of table tennis in England – who are ready to help you with anything you need to take your ping pong play to the next level. They can show you how to;

Find your region's ETTA representative here or even locate your nearest table tennis club via the ETTA's Spotlight map.


Terry plays at one of our Ping Pong screenings 2012. Where might Ping Pong take you?









Train me up, Scotty!

If you are an activities coordinator, or work with older people and want to get more involved, the ETTA have loads on offer for deliverers and volunteers, from coaching to umpiring, to becoming a Ping! Maker (part of Sport England’s Sport Maker programme).  There is something for everyone!

To find out more, get in touch with Judy Rogers at